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Pulling from official sources, provides additional data beyond other sites, such as the Monmouth Tax Board web application, linking parcel and other GIS and demographic data in an easy-to-use format.

Counties and Municipalities

New Jersey has 21 counties and 564 municipalities. There is no unincorporated land in New Jersey and no municipalities cross counties. New Jersey is very diverse, ranging from incredibly dense cities (such as Union City) and very rural townships (such as Washington Township in Burlington County).

From the list below, you can drill down into municipalities, blocks and lots to find an individual property. You can also use the search functionality above to find a property by street address or owner name.

Atlantic County

Bergen County

Burlington County

Camden County

Cape May County

Cumberland County

Essex County

Gloucester County

Hudson County

Hunterdon County

Mercer County

Middlesex County

Monmouth County

Morris County

Ocean County

Passaic County

Salem County

Somerset County

Sussex County

Union County

Warren County

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If you want to find multiple properties owned by the same individual or entity, click "Search other properties by common owner" on the property page. can help you find tax parcel, assessment, sales information and comps for any property in the Garden State. offers the following for each of the 3+ million property records in the State of New Jersey:

  • Complete Tax Assessment listing
  • Recent sales information
  • Comparable sales listings
  • Lists of property in common ownership
  • Certified Mailing/Notification Lists
  • and more... strives to have the most complete and current real estate and property data for all of New Jersey. A free and more functional alternative to the "Monmouth Tax" search and NJACTB web sites, incorporates other demographic and geographic information to give you a complete picture of a property.