NJParcels.com Redaction Information

The staff of NJParcels.com take your privacy seriously. Through this page, you can request that your name be redacted from the public-facing web pages on this site. Once search engines re-visit NJParcels.com, your information will no longer appear, however your information will continue to be available from their respective sources. Contacting us will not remove your information from the actual public record sources provided by municipal, county, and/or regional governments since we have no control over those entities.

We are also strong advocates for governmental and corporate responsibility. By making all public property records available, we hope to make it easy for individuals to perform research on their local areas and find out information about their local communities without difficulty or high prices. Our intentions are to make this data easier to find.

Our Terms of Service explicitly prohibit the use of this information to harass or intimidate.

NJParcels.com has provided the ability to remove information from our site since 2014. Over 30,000 pages have been redacted and over 99.9%% redaction requests are honored.

Redaction Policy

We reserve the right to refuse redaction of information provided through public domain data. Refusal of a redaction request may be due to bulk or automated generation of redaction requests. We will evaluate the request within 72 hours. While your information will be redacted, the information may remain in caches or in search engine results until said caches are refreshed. As such, we are not responsible for removing records from search result listings after the redaction is in place.

Redaction requests must be submitted via the form below.

Redaction Request Form

Please complete all of the form fields below. Your information will be used to track your request and contact you for clarification, if necessary.

Verify this is the page with your information. Must be an njparcels.com property or voter registration page.
Your email will not be shared with third-parties or used to track your use of the site. Email address must be valid.

Note: redaction requests will remain valid for approximately one year from the date the request was approved. Redaction requests are tied to an individual property page and not the owner. If you would like your information removed from several properties, you will need to submit individual requests for each page.