Properties in Block 1803

169 BELCHER ROADRedactedresidential
1041 DRY ROADRedactedfarm
1.0175 BELCHER ROADRedactedfarm
1.01/QFARM75 BELCHER ROADRedactedqualified farm
10/Q000241 DRY ROADRedactedqualified farm
11/QFARM61 DRY ROADRedactedqualified farm
1271 DRY ROADRedactedresidential
1375 DRY ROADRedactedresidential
1461 BELCHER ROADRedactedresidential
1563 BELCHER ROADRedactedresidential
1665 BELCHER ROADRedactedresidential
271 BELCHER ROADRedactedresidential
3.0193 BELCHER ROADRedactedfarm
3.01/Q008693 BELCHER ROADRedactedqualified farm
3.02/Q008881 BELCHER ROADRedactedqualified farm
3.0387 BELCHER ROADRedactedfarm
3.03/Q008887 BELCHER ROADRedactedqualified farm
3.04/Q008695 HOAGLAND ROADRedactedqualified farm
3.0560 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedvacant land
3.06/Q008666 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedqualified farm
3.07/Q008664 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedqualified farm
434 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedfarm
4.0138 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedresidential
4.0258 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedother exempt property
4.0354 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedresidential
4.0450 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedresidential
4.0546 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedresidential
4.0642 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedresidential
4.0740 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedresidential
4.0838A UNION BRICK ROADRedactedresidential
4.0932 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedfarm
4.09/QFARM32 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedqualified farm
4/QFARM34 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedqualified farm
528 UNION BRICK ROADRedactedresidential
674 HELLER ROADRedactedcemetery
772 HELLER HILL ROADRedactedresidential
866 HELLER HILL ROADRedactedresidential
8.0170 HELLER HILL ROADRedactedresidential
8.0268 HELLER HILL ROADRedactedresidential
8.0366-B HELLER HILL ROADRedactedresidential
8.0466-A HELLER HILL ROADRedactedresidential
917 DRY ROADRedactedfarm
9.0133 DRY ROADRedactedresidential
9.0231 DRY ROADRedactedresidential
9/Q003017 DRY ROADRedactedqualified farm

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