Properties in Block 75

1601 MISTLETOE AVEredactedother exempt property
1/C0001601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 1residential
1/C0002601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 2residential
1/C0003601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 3residential
1/C0004601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 4residential
1/C0005601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 5residential
1/C0006601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 6residential
1/C0007601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 7residential
1/C0008601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 8residential
1/C0009601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 9residential
1/C0010601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 10residential
1/C0011601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 11residential
1/C0012601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 12residential
1/C0013601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 13residential
1/C0014601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 14residential
1/C0015601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 15residential
1/C0016601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 16residential
1/C0017601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 17residential
1/C0018601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 18residential
1/C0019601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 19residential
1/C0020601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 20residential
1/C0021601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 21residential
1/C0022601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 22residential
1/C0023601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 23residential
1/C0024601 MISTLETOE AVE UNIT 24residential
23401 BRIDGE AVEPT PARK CONDO ASSN C/O PINNACLEother exempt property
2/C00013403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 1residential
2/C00023403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 2residential
2/C00033403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 3residential
2/C00043403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 4residential
2/C00053403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 5residential
2/C00063403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 6residential
2/C00073403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 7residential
2/C00083403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 8residential
2/C00103403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 10residential
2/C00113403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 11residential
2/C00123403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 12residential
2/C00133403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 13residential
2/C00143403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 14residential
2/C00153403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 15residential
2/C00163403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 16residential
2/C00173403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 17residential
2/C00183403 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 18residential
2/C00193401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 19residential
2/C00203401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 20residential
2/C00213401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 21residential
2/C00223401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 22residential
2/C00233401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 23residential
2/C00243401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 24residential
2/C00253401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 25residential
2/C00263401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 26residential
2/C00273401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 27residential
2/C00283401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 28residential
2/C00293401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 29other exempt property
2/C00303401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 30residential
2/C00313401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 31residential
2/C00323401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 32residential
2/C00333401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 33residential
2/C00343401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 34residential
2/C00353401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 35residential
2/C00363401 BRIDGE AVE UNIT 36residential

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