2 SOVEREIGN DR is Block 4401, Lot 1 in Mount Olive Twp, Morris County.

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2 Sovereign Dr is listed as being within the R-1 zone for Mount Olive Twp.

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This property last sold for on . See sales information for 2 Sovereign Dr, as far back as 30 years.

The Deed for 2 Sovereign Dr is filed with the County Clerk in Book 24486 on Page 1406.

This property was assessed for . The land was assessed at and the improvements to the property were assessed at .

2 Sovereign Dr costs the property's owners annually in taxes.

School District

Mount Olive Township School District
227 US Highway 206
Flanders NJ 07836
Superintendent: Dr. Robert Zywicki

Students in grades PK-12 attend Mount Olive Township School District.

Visit the Mount Olive Township School District website or call the district offices. View the NJ School Performance Report for Mount Olive Township School District.

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Planning Data

This property is within the Highlands Preservation Area.

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Refer to the Highlands Council for more information.

This information is derived from official sources, however you must confirm the designation with the Highlands Council.

Utility Providers

Electricity service is provided by Jersey Central Power & Light.

Natural gas service is provided by New Jersey Natural Gas.

This property is not in a sewer service area.

Broadband Internet

ProviderTypeBandwidth (mbps)
CablevisionCable 400  35
Verizon New Jersey Inc.DSL 5  768

Broadband service provider data from June 2018.

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