Properties in Block 38

109 BEECH STRedactedresidential
1.0126 CEDAR STRedactedresidential
1.0224 CEDAR STRedactedresidential
1111 BEECH STRedactedresidential
1213 BEECH STRedactedresidential
1320 POPLAR STRedactedresidential
1522 POPLAR STRedactedresidential
1624 POPLAR STRedactedresidential
1726 POPLAR STRedactedresidential
227 ELM STRedactedresidential
2.0134 CEDAR STRedactedresidential
325 ELM STRedactedresidential
423 ELM STRedactedresidential
521 ELM STRedactedresidential
619 ELM STRedactedresidential
711 ELM STRedactedresidential
85 BEECH STRedactedresidential
97 BEECH STRedactedresidential

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