Properties in Block 5

10.0127 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedresidential
10.02/Q001025 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedqualified farm
10.03/Q001023 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedqualified farm
10.0421 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedfarm
10.04/Q616421 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedqualified farm
1.0121 BEAVERS RDRedactedresidential
1.0223 BEAVERS RDRedactedresidential
1.0310 WHITE OAK DRRedactedresidential
1.041 ANDREA WAYRedactedresidential
1.053 ANDREA WAYRedactedresidential
1.065 ANDREA WAYRedactedresidential
1.077 ANDREA WAYRedactedresidential
1.088 ANDREA WAYRedactedresidential
1.096 ANDREA WAYRedactedresidential
1.102 DOGWOOD LNRedactedresidential
11.0117 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedresidential
1.1113 WHITE OAK DRRedactedresidential
1.1227 BEAVERS RDRedactedresidential
1.1310 ANDREA WAYRedactedresidential
1.143 DOGWOOD LNRedactedresidential
1.152 WHITE OAK DRRedactedresidential
1.161 WHITE OAK DRRedactedresidential
1.173 WHITE OAK DRRedactedresidential
1.185 WHITE OAK DRRedactedresidential
1.197 WHITE OAK DRRedactedresidential
11/Q001019 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedqualified farm
121 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedfarm
1.209 WHITE OAK DRRedactedresidential
12.019 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedfarm
12.01/Q00069 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedqualified farm
12.02/Q000611 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedqualified farm
1.2111 WHITE OAK DRRedactedresidential
12/Q00111 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedqualified farm
134 TOAD HILL RDRedactedresidential
13.013 TOAD HILL RDRedactedresidential
13.022 TOAD HILL RDRedactedresidential
13.031 TOAD HILL RDRedactedresidential
1615 FROG HOLLOW RDRedactedresidential
173 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedvacant land
17.01FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedvacant land
247A FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedfarm
2.0131 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedfarm
2.01/Q029131 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedqualified farm
2.0233 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedfarm
2.02/Q610733 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedqualified farm
2.0335 FAIRMOUNT RD WRedactedresidential
2.0419 BEAVERS RDRedactedfarm
2.04/Q004919 BEAVERS RDRedactedqualified farm
2.0517 BEAVERS RDRedactedresidential
2.0615 BEAVERS RDRedactedresidential
2.0713 BEAVERS RDRedactedresidential
2.0811 BEAVERS RDRedactedresidential
2.0949 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedfarm
2.09/Q003249 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedqualified farm
2.1051 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedresidential
2.1147 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedresidential
2.1245 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedresidential
2.1343 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedresidential
2.1441 WEST FAIRMOUNT WESTRedactedresidential
2.1633A FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedfarm
2.16/Q001233A FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedqualified farm
2/Q000847A FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedqualified farm
39 BEAVERS RDRedactedresidential
47 BEAVERS ROADRedactedresidential
55 BEAVERS RDRedactedresidential
63 BEAVERS RDRedactedresidential
71 BEAVERS RDRedactedresidential
839 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedresidential
937 FAIRMOUNT RD WESTRedactedresidential

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