Properties in Block 35

157 BISSELL RDRedactedresidential
1037 WELSH RDRedactedfarm
10.0186 DEER HILL RDRedactedresidential
10.0382 DEER HILL RDRedactedresidential
10.0480 DEER HILL RDRedactedresidential
10.055 CEDAR RIDGE RDRedactedresidential
10.067 CEDAR RIDGE RDRedactedresidential
10.078 CEDAR RIDGE RDRedactedresidential
10.086 CEDAR RIDGE RDRedactedresidential
10.0923 WELSH RDRedactedresidential
1.0196 DEER HILL RDRedactedresidential
10.1025 WELSH RDRedactedresidential
10.1127 WELSH RDRedactedresidential
10.1221 WELSH RDRedactedresidential
10.13/Q024529 WELSH RDRedactedqualified farm
10.1445 BISSELL RDRedactedfarm
10.14/Q024945 BISSELL RDRedactedqualified farm
10.1531 WELSH RDRedactedfarm
10.15/Q024531 WELSH RDRedactedqualified farm
10.1684 DEER HILL RDRedactedfarm
10.16/Q024784 DEER HILL RDRedactedqualified farm
10.17/Q024533 WELSH RDRedactedqualified farm
10.1835 WELSH RDRedactedresidential
10.1939 WELSH RDRedactedresidential
1.0298 DEER HILL RDRedactedresidential
10.2041 WELSH RDRedactedresidential
10/Q024637 WELSH RDRedactedqualified farm
1188 DEER HILL RDRedactedresidential
1290 DEER HILL RDRedactedresidential
1392 DEER HILL RDRedactedresidential
1494 DEER HILL RDRedactedresidential
1572 DEER HILLRedactedvacant land
255 BISSELL RDRedactedresidential
33 CEDAR RIDGE RDRedactedresidential
44 CEDAR RIDGE RDRedactedresidential
4.0153 BISSELL RDRedactedresidential
551 BISSELL RDRedactedresidential
649 BISSELL RDRedactedfarm
6/Q024449 BISSELL RDRedactedqualified farm
743 BISSELL RDRedactedresidential
8.0161 WELSH RDRedactedresidential
8.0231 BISSELL RDRedactedresidential
8.0333 BISSELL RDRedactedresidential
8.0435 BISSELL RDRedactedresidential
8.0563 WELSH RDRedactedresidential
8.06/Q616959 WELSH RDRedactedqualified farm
8.07/Q616955 WELSH RDRedactedqualified farm
8.0853 WELSH RDRedactedresidential
8.0951 WELSH RDRedactedresidential
8.1057 WELSH RDRedactedresidential
8.1141 BISSELL RDRedactedresidential
8.1239 BISSELL RDRedactedresidential
8.1337 BISSELL RDRedactedresidential
965 WELSH RDRedactedresidential

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