Properties in Block 31

135 LONG VIEW RDRedactedresidential
1.0126 PHILHOWER RDRedactedresidential
1160 PHILHOWER RDRedactedresidential
1247 WATER STRedactedfarm
12.0162 PHILHOWER RDRedactedfarm
12.01/Q023962 PHILHOWER RDRedactedqualified farm
12/Q023847 WATER STRedactedqualified farm
13317 MAIN ST-MOUNTAINVILLERedactedcommercial
14315 MAIN ST-MOUNTAINVILLERedactedresidential
15309 MAIN ST-MOUNTAINVILLERedactedresidential
15.01311 MAIN ST-MOUNTAINVILLERedactedresidential
15.02307 MAIN ST-MOUNTAINVILLERedactedcommercial
16305 MAIN ST-MOUNTAINVILLERedactedresidential
17303 MAIN ST-MOUNTAINVILLERedactedresidential
18301 MAIN ST-MOUNTAINVILLERedactedresidential
1953 WATER STRedactedvacant land
228 PHILHOWER RDRedactedresidential
2051 WATER STRedactedvacant land
2149 WATER STRedactedresidential
2243 WATER STRedactedvacant land
22.0145 WATER STRedactedresidential
2337 WATER STRedactedfarm
23/Q033737 WATER STRedactedqualified farm
244 POTTER LNRedactedfarm
24.011 POTTER LNRedactedresidential
24.023 POTTER LNRedactedresidential
24.0333 POTTER LNTEWKSBURY TOWNSHIPpublic property
24.04/Q61892 POTTER LNRedactedqualified farm
24.056 POTTER LNRedactedresidential
24.0710 POTTER LNRedactedvacant land
24.085 POTTER LNRedactedresidential
24.117 POTTER LNRedactedvacant land
24/Q02114 POTTER LNRedactedqualified farm
2531 WATER STRedactedresidential
263 LONG VIEW RDRedactedresidential
277 LONG VIEW RDRedactedresidential
2815 LONG VIEW RDRedactedfarm
28/Q618915 LONG VIEW RDRedactedqualified farm
2917 LONG VIEW RDRedactedresidential
330 PHILHOWER RDRedactedresidential
3021 LONG VIEW RDRedactedfarm
30/Q005521 LONG VIEW RDRedactedqualified farm
3127 LONG VIEW RDRedactedresidential
31.0125 LONG VIEW RDRedactedresidential
3229 LONG VIEW RDRedactedresidential
3333 LONG VIEW RDRedactedresidential
33.0131 LONG VIEW RDRedactedresidential
3411 LONG VIEW RDRedactedresidential
432 PHILHOWER RDRedactedresidential
536 PHILHOWER RDRedactedresidential
5.01/Q621534 PHILHOWER RDRedactedqualified farm
638 PHILHOWER RDRedactedresidential
746 PHILHOWER RDRedactedresidential
7.0150 PHILHOWER RDRedactedfarm
7.01/Q021050 PHILHOWER RDRedactedqualified farm
7.0240 PHILHOWER RDRedactedresidential
7.0348 PHILHOWER RDRedactedresidential
7.0542 PHILHOWER RDRedactedresidential
7.0644 PHILHOWER RDRedactedvacant land
854 PHILHOWER RDRedactedresidential
956 PHILHOWER RDRedactedresidential

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