Properties in Block 9

1BELLWOOD PARK RD, 530Redactedresidential
2BELLWOOD PARK RD, 524Redactedvacant land
3BELLWOOD PARK ROADRedactedvacant land
4BELLWOOD PARK ROAD, 476Redactedresidential
4.02BELLWOOD PARK ROAD, 474Redactedfarm
4.02/Q0302BELLWOOD PARK ROAD, 474Redactedqualified farm
4/Q0307BELLWOOD PARK ROADRedactedqualified farm
6BELLWOOD PARK RD, 510Redactedfarm
6.01BELLWOOD PARK RD, 506Redactedresidential
6.02BELLWOOD PARK RD, 504Redactedresidential
6.03BELLWOOD PARK RD, 502Redactedresidential
6.04BELLWOOD PARK RD, 500Redactedresidential
6.05BELLWOOD PARK RD, 496Redactedresidential
6.06BELLWOOD PARK RD, 494Redactedresidential
6.07BELLWOOD PARK RD, 478Redactedresidential
6/Q0033BELLWOOD PARK RDRedactedqualified farm
7BELLWOOD PARK RD, 520Redactedresidential
7.01BELLWOOD PARK RD, 516Redactedfarm
7.01/Q0032BELLWOOD PARK RD, 516Redactedqualified farm
7.02BELLWOOD PARK RD, 528Redactedresidential
7.03BELLWOOD PARK RD, 526Redactedresidential
7.04BELLWOOD PARK RD, 522Redactedresidential
8.01BELLWOOD PARK RD, 490Redactedresidential
8.02BELLWOOD PARK RD, 488Redactedresidential
8.03BELLWOOD PARK RD, 482Redactedresidential
8.04BELLWOOD PARK RD, 486Redactedresidential
8.05BELLWOOD PARK RD, 484Redactedresidential
8.06BELLWOOD CIRCLE, 281Redactedresidential
8.07BELLWOOD CIRCLE, 283Redactedresidential

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