Properties in Block 46

1.01198 BLACK BROOK ROADRedactedresidential
1.02200 BLACK BROOK ROADRedactedresidential
1.03202 BLACK BROOK ROADRedactedresidential
1.05206 BLACK BROOK ROADRedactedresidential
1.06GLEN MANOR DRIVE, 39Redactedresidential
1.07GLEN MANOR DRIVE, 37Redactedresidential
1.08GLEN MANOR DRIVE, 35Redactedresidential
1.092 DEER RUNRedactedresidential
1.10GLEN MANOR DRIVE, 31Redactedresidential
1.11GLEN MANOR DRIVE, 29Redactedresidential
1.12GLEN MANOR DRIVE, 25Redactedresidential
1.13HIGHVIEW TERRACE, 2Redactedresidential
1.14HIGHVIEW TERRACE, 4Redactedresidential
1.15HIGHVIEW TERRACE, 3Redactedresidential
1.16DEER RUN, 4Redactedresidential
1.17DEER RUN, 5Redactedresidential
2/Q0143HAMPTONRedactedqualified farm
3/Q0144BLACK BROOK ROAD, 208Redactedqualified farm

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