Properties in Block 38.01

1CHARLESTOWN ROAD, 482Redactedresidential
10ROUNSEVILLE ROAD, 125Redactedresidential
11ROUNSEVILLE ROAD, 123Redactedresidential
12ROBIN COURT, 30Redactedresidential
13ROBIN COURT, 32Redactedresidential
14ROBIN COURT, 34Redactedresidential
15ROBIN COURT, 37Redactedresidential
16ROBIN COURT, 35Redactedresidential
17ROBIN COURT, 33Redactedresidential
18THRUSH LANE, 27Redactedresidential
19THRUSH LANE, 25Redactedresidential
2CHARLESTOWN ROAD, 480Redactedresidential
20THRUSH LANE, 23Redactedresidential
21THRUSH LANE, 21Redactedresidential
22CHARLESTOWN ROAD, 486Redactedother exempt property
23CHARLESTOWN ROAD, 484Redactedresidential
3CHARLESTOWN ROAD, 478Redactedresidential
4CHARLESTOWN ROAD, 476Redactedresidential
5ROUNSEVILLE ROAD, 135Redactedresidential
6ROUNSEVILLE ROAD, 133Redactedresidential
7ROUNSEVILLE ROAD, 131Redactedresidential
8ROUNSEVILLE RD, 129Redactedresidential
9ROUNSEVILLE ROAD, 127Redactedresidential

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