Properties in Block 57

19 PARKWAY WESTRedactedresidential
1010 PARKWAY EASTRedactedresidential
1.015 OAK GROVE RDRedactedresidential
1.0511 OAK GROVE RD UNIT AARedactedresidential
1.0521 OAK GROVE RD UNIT 1ARedactedresidential
1.0531 OAK GROVE RD UNIT 1BRedactedresidential
1.0541 OAK GROVE RD UNIT 1CRedactedresidential
1.0551 OAK GROVE RD UNIT 1DRedactedresidential
1.0561 OAK GROVE RD UNIT 2ARedactedresidential
1.0571 OAK GROVE RD UNIT 2BRedactedresidential
1.0581 OAK GROVE RD UNIT 2CRedactedresidential
1.0591 OAK GROVE RD UNIT 2DRedactedresidential
1.0613 PARKWAY WESTRedactedresidential
1.0717 PARKWAY WESTRedactedresidential
116 PARKWAY EASTRedactedresidential
11.018 PARKWAY EASTRedactedresidential
11.024 PARKWAY EASTRedactedresidential
11.0319 OAK GROVE RDRedactedresidential
1.135 PARKWAY WESTRedactedresidential
1.147 PARKWAY WESTRedactedresidential
1.1611 PARKWAY WESTRedactedresidential
1.1815 PARKWAY WESTRedactedresidential
1.1919 PARKWAY WESTRedactedresidential
1.2021 PARKWAY WESTRedactedresidential
1.2123 PARKWAY WESTRedactedresidential
23 OAK GROVE RDRedactedresidential
323 OAK GROVE RDRedactedresidential
3.0129 OAK GROVE RDRedactedresidential
431-37 OAK GROVE RDRedactedresidential
622 PARKWAY EASTRedactedresidential
6.0120 PARKWAY EASTRedactedresidential
6.0218 PARKWAY EASTRedactedresidential
6.0324 PARKWAY EASTRedactedresidential
6.0426 PKWY E - 25 PKWY WRedactedapartment
716 PARKWAY EASTRedactedresidential
814 PARKWAY EASTRedactedresidential
912 PARKWAY EASTRedactedresidential

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