Properties in Block 86.12

1.100/S03 100 ASPEN LNGINSBERG, LEAHresidential
1.101/S03 101 ASPEN LNBATEN, LEWISresidential
1.102/S03 102 ASPEN LNPERRINE, KENNETHresidential
1.103/S03 103 ASPEN LNAIELLO, VINCENZA Presidential
1.104/S03 104 ASPEN LNJACKSON, FELICIA MARIEresidential
1.105/S03 105 ASPEN LNGLASHOW, SHELLEYresidential
1.106/S03 106 ASPEN LNMONTI, JOHN D & ANNA Rresidential
1.107/S03 107 MIMOSA LNAUSTIN, HAZELresidential
1.109/S03 109 MIMOSA LNOLSEN, SONJAresidential
1.110/S03 110 MIMOSA LNESPOSITO, ROSEMARYresidential
1.111/S03 111 MIMOSA LNROMA, CHRISTOPHER Mresidential
1.112/S03 112 MIMOSA LNBORDEN, KATHERINEresidential
1.113/S03 113 MIMOSA LNDELGADO, JAMIEresidential
1.114/S03 114 MIMOSA LNTRINKOFF, BURTON & ARLINEresidential
1.115/S03 115 MIMOSA LNOPPENHEIM, LLOYD & LINDAresidential
1.116/S03 116 MIMOSA LNMCS I REALTY, LLCresidential
1.78/S03 78 ASPEN LNMKJ REALTY LLCresidential
1.79/S03 79 ASPEN LNTUCKER, MICHAEL & SANDRAresidential
1.80/S03 80 ASPEN LNALBASINI, JOSEPHresidential
1.81/S03 81 ASPEN LNPOLSKY, NANCYresidential
1.82/S03 82 ASPEN LNMINARDI, JONATHAN S & JOHNresidential
1.83/S03 83 ASPEN LNSMITH, JENNIFER Jresidential
1.84/S03 84 ASPEN LNLENARD, EVELYNresidential
1.85/S03 85 ASPEN LNKAHANA, DIANEresidential
1.86/S03 86 ASPEN LNCOMO, SCOTT Dresidential
1.87/S03 87 ASPEN LNVALIANT, GENARE & MICHAELresidential
1.88/S03 88 ASPEN LNALI, JOSEPH JRresidential
1.89/S03 89 ASPEN LNBARNABA, MARYANNresidential
1.90/S03 90 ASPEN LNPERRY, BARBARA Dresidential
1.91/S03 91 ASPEN LNCOHEN, SUSANresidential
1.92/S03 92 ASPEN LNFINEGOLD, JAY L & TAMA Rresidential
1.93/S03 93 ASPEN LNLUBRANO, VINCENTresidential
1.94/S03 94 ASPEN LNOLSON, JUDITHresidential
1.95/S03 95 ASPEN LNMARTELLI, KENNETH A.residential
1.96/S03 96 ASPEN LNBOND, JERRY & HELENE Rresidential
1.97/S03 97 ASPEN LNFASULO, DONNAresidential
1.98/S03 98 ASPEN LNCOCUZZA, JOHN P & GINA Mresidential
1.99/S03 99 ASPEN LNBENNIS, VANEYCEresidential

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