Properties in Block 3318

1 1-44 26TH ST 1XCHARLES, RICHARD & JANICEresidential
12 1-20 26TH ST 1XKAUR, ASKETresidential
2 1-40 26TH ST 1XHARRIS, STEPHENresidential
34.01 1-19 PLAZA RD 1XDELLAROBBA, JAMES J & MARISAresidential
39 1-35 PLAZA RD 1XSHIM, YU MIresidential
4 1-36 26TH ST 1XVYAS, KISHOR & KOKILAresidential
41 1-39 PLAZA RD 1XHANCOCK, KENNETH & DAWNresidential
43 1-43 PLAZA RD 1XABRAMSON, HALE Bresidential
7 1-28 26TH ST 1XCEBULAR, EDWARD & GAILresidential
9 1-24 26TH ST 1XDUBNIK, VLADIMIR & ANNAresidential

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