Comparable Sales for 6 WESTPORT DR

6 WESTPORT DR is Block 5.09, Lot 22 in Berkeley Twp, Ocean County. The building description is encoded as "1SF1G 1514".

The property has 1514 square feet of living space. The property last sold on for .
At the time of sale, 6 WESTPORT DR was valued at per square foot.

Map of Comparables

Map colors based on Price Per Square Foot, with red and green denoting below or above one standard deviation from the mean.

Data for 6 WESTPORT DR

List of Comparable Sales

The table below contains the comps for 6 WESTPORT DR. Click on the table headers to resort the list. You can download the list to Excel using the button at the bottom of the page.

Recently SoldDatePriceFT2$/FT2Building DescriptionConstructed
1 BOLANS CT 1092 1SF1G 1092 1973
16 BASSET DR 1115 1SF1G 1115 1975
132 CASTLETON DR 1404 1SF1G 1404 1985
63 MILLBROOK DR 1360 1SF1G 1360 1984
3 WILTSHIRE CT 1494 1SF1G 1494 1977

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