Properties in Block 96

1.01/C0900 901 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C0900PALMERO, RICHARD M & ANGELAresidential
1.01/C0901 901 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C0901LACOURSE, JOHN & FITZGIBBONS, G Aresidential
1.01/C0902 901 OCEAN 1ST FL UNIT 902WREN, STEVEN D & ELEANORresidential
1.01/C0903 901 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C0903KRAMER, WALTER & MARGARETresidential
1.01/C0904 901 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C0904GORDON A BURROWSresidential
1.01/C0905 901 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C0905CINCA, EDWARD H & JENELLEresidential
1.01/C0906 901 OCEAN 3RD FLR #C0906NILSEN, THOMAS E & JANICE Aresidential
1.01/C0907 901 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C0907KAUFMAN, LAWRENCE & LAURAresidential
1.01/C0908 901 OCEAN 2ND FL #C0908GRIMES, JENNIFERresidential
1.01/C0909 901 OCEAN 3RD FLR #C0909LAMBROS, ALEX & GIUNTA, YVONNEresidential
1.01/C0910 901 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C0910BARSKY, HENRY & MIRIAMresidential
1.01/C0911 901 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C0911CIRILLO, JOSEPH & MARGARETresidential
1.01/C0912 901 OCEAN 3RD FLR #C0912BENDER, STEVEN & PATRICIAresidential
1.01/C0913 901 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C0913HEIDUK, HEINZ K & LYNNE Dresidential
1.01/C0914 901 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C0914GIANNECCHINI, MARK J & MARGARET Rresidential
1.01/C0915 901 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C0915NEROTTO, GINA S & ALLEGRA, MICHAELresidential
1.01/C0916 901 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C0916SKOLNICK, RACHEL 2022 TRUSTresidential
1.01/C0917 901 OCEAN 3RD FLR #C0917PEPE, NICHOLAS & DEBRAresidential
1.01/C0918 901 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C0918SKOLNICK, TAMAR TUMARKINresidential
1.01/C0919 901 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C0919CHARLIE'S BEACH HOUSE LLCresidential
1.01/C0920 901 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C0920MILETTI, MARK P & JUILLET, PATRICIAresidential
1.01/C0921 901 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C0921PREGIATO, ROBERT & ERMELINDAresidential
1.01/C0922 901 OCEAN 3RD FLR #C0922MULE, RONALD & BETHresidential
1.01/C0923 901 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C0923WARNER, ARLENE Lresidential
1.01/C0924 901 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C0924YOUNG, DIANE M & RUHLE, ROBERT Mresidential
1.01/C0925 901 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C0925AQEEL, NASSER & CINDYresidential
1.01/C0926 901 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C0926OZARD, NANCY M & STEPHEN T TRUSTresidential
1.01/C0927 901 OCEAN 3RD FLR #C0927DANIEL, RICHARD & ANNELIESE TRUSTSresidential
1.01/C0928 901 OCEAN 3RD FLR #C0928FISHERY 928 LLCresidential
1.01/C0929 901 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C0929WILLIAMS, MARTIN J & VIRGINIAresidential
1.01/C0930 901 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C0930GOLDSTEIN, SUSANNEresidential
1.01/C0931 901 OCEAN 3RD FLR #C0931FOWLER, BRIAN & HAWK, CAROLresidential
1.01/C0932 901 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C0932DERFUS, WINIFRED Hresidential
1.01/C0933 901 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C0933PETINO, MARTHA Mresidential
1.01/C1001 1001 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C1001MUNKACSY, MICHAEL & MARIEresidential
1.01/C1002 1001 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C1002KRAKOWSKI, RICHARD F & JANET Aresidential
1.01/C1003 1001 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C1003TRAPP, GEORGE Jresidential
1.01/C1004 1001 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C1004EDELSTEIN, JEFFREY S & NANCY Jresidential
1.01/C1005 1001 OCEAN 3RD FLR #C1005PUTNAM, WILIAM E & ROSS Fresidential
1.01/C1006 1001 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C1006TORMEY, JUSTIN & LITTLE, TRACYresidential
1.01/C1007 1001 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C1007BURNHAM, LISAresidential
1.01/C1008 1001 OCEAN 3RD FLR #C1008MAZZONE, JOHN & PATRICIAresidential
1.01/C1009 1001 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C1009NIGRA, THOMAS & ROZMAN-NIGRA, Aresidential
1.01/C1010 1001 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C1010LARAUS, MICHAEL & SUSANresidential
1.01/C1011 1001 OCEAN 3RD FLR #C1011SULLIVAN, JAMESresidential
1.01/C1012 1001 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C1012MARTORANO, WILLIAM C & MARJORIEresidential
1.01/C1013 1001 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C1013SERNAS, THOMAS & DEBORAHresidential
1.01/C1014 1001 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C10142 IND LLCresidential
1.01/C1015 1001 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C1015BOTWINICK, DAVID & GWENresidential
1.01/C1016 1001 OCEAN 3RD FLR #C1016WANG, CHEN & GUO, HAIYINGresidential
1.01/C1017 1001 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C1017MACDONALD, BRIAN TRUSTresidential
1.01/C1018 1001 OCEAN 1ST FLR #C1018O'DEA, RICHARD K & BARBARA Jresidential
1.01/C1019 1001 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C1019KRONENBERG, JANIS & WILLIAMresidential
1.01/C1020 1001 OCEAN 2ND FLR #C1020BUCCINI, EUGENE P & JOANNEresidential
1.01/C1021 1001 OCEAN 3RD FLR #C1021WANG, CHEN & GUO, HAIYINGresidential
1.03 1000 BLVDZACK REALTY LLCcommercial

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