123 W 49TH ST

123 W 49TH ST is Block 55, Lot 16 in Bayonne City, Hudson County.

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123 W 49TH ST
BAYONNE CITY, NJ, 000000000

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Data on 123 W 49Th St, Bayonne City

Building DescriptionTwo Story Single Family Dutch Colonial One Unit
Year Constructed1920
Interior Space (ft2)960

This property last sold for on . See sales information for 123 W 49Th St back to 2000.

The Deed for 123 W 49Th St is filed with the County Clerk in Book 9340 on Page 973.

This property was assessed for . The land was assessed at and the improvements to the property were assessed at .

123 W 49Th St costs KEILLY,RONALD J & KATHRYN J annually in taxes.

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Broadband Providers

VerizonFiber 9  7
MegaPath CorporationCopper 5  5
MegaPath CorporationDSL 4  4
MegaPath CorporationDSL 5  3
VerizonDSL 6  3

Service provider data from mid-2014.

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